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2D pixel art side-scrolling action platformer that consists of an animal world filled with 4 mysterious magical powers. Currently in development, check for more updates at a location below:

Site: Crystal Dissention Site Page

Twitter: Gunner Gaming Studio Twitter

Facebook: Gunner Gaming Studio Facebook Page

DailyMotion: Gunner Gaming Studio DailyMotion Channel

Intro Scene Update:  Below is a new video that shows the intro text that plays at beginning of the game, it quickly details some of the lore, who's good and bad, and some stuff behind your mysterious powers.

Fall Update 2017: Below is a new YouTube video that displays what we've been working on since the summer.  In the video you can see the biggest addition to the game progress in the foe (enemy) AI.  We are still tweaking the settings on how active it is in moving/attacking but it is complete in that it has everything that a common (no powers) foe would have.  The video displays the foe moving, jumping, and attacking.  There may be some moves not shown as it's decision on what to do at a certain point in time is randomized.  This is just a blueprint and may change or greatly expand in the future.  Along with the foe AI you can also see dealing/receiving damage and how the health bar lights up red to show damage taken.  If you pay close enough attention when the foe is defeated you will briefly see a heart drop that then flashes the player health green to show an increase when it is picked up.  You will notice the hover text over the foe showing it's health that also flashes red when you deal damage to the foe.  You can also see that the power levels also flash when you use them, showing them being exhausted while using a power.  We hope you enjoy the fall update and we hope to get winter updates out much quicker and more often.

 Summer Update: The two images below show what we've been working on in the past months.    The first image shows a great deal of new items.    On the character sprite you'll see the four colors decorating the main character.    As you progress through the game you will learn the four colors and as you adapt your character will change to reflect that.    In the top left you'll see the new health and power GUI.    There is a classic looking heart showing off health, and a simple pixel diamond for each color showing how much power you have left of each.    You will need to pick up health and powers off of defeated foes to restore yours, the pickups will be the symbols on the GUI.    Also on the GUI you can see the help bar above.    When not doing anything this will just show the character it belongs to which in this case is our main heroine Aurora.    When performing a task you will see it updates the help bar with what is happening on screen.    In this case it is alerting you that you are using the Wind Gust power.    This help bar is there to clarify events in the game as well as provide a visual notification to players who require more accessibility. 

      The second image shows the new powers menu.    This menu is what you will use to choose which power is selected for each of the four colors.    It is seperate from the pause menu, and items will only appear after you have unlocked or learned them in the game.    We hope you enjoy these new screenshots of game content and look to have more info available by the end of the summer, with small updates along the way.    Thanks for the support!! 

Fourth update: A quick video revealing the onyx power animations. Onyx is the power of darkness/dark magic. The active power deals damage to nearest foe you are facing. The passive grants you temporary invisibility to move and do basic attacks. And the special drains your onyx power to deal heavy damage to all foes on screen, fatal to some.

Third update: A quick video revealing the diamond power animations. Diamond is the power of light and synthetic materials. The active power creates a burst of fragments doing damage to all foes in every direction with distance. The passive allows you blind foes you face. And the special drains your diamond power to restore your health.

Second update: Sapphire Powers, the power of the elements and weather. The active is a wind gust dealing damage and blowing back foes. The passive increases your speed, jumping, dashing, and slamming. The special is a devastating lightning strike dealing damage to ground and air foes.

First update: Emerald Powers, the power of nature and the wild. Each set has an acitve(attack), passive (power/ability), and special(something powerful that has a tactical advantage). See the new emerald powers below.

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